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Disposable PVA Sponge Wound Dressing
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Disposable PVA Sponge Wound Dressing

Product Description

It can be used as a compact version of NPWT/VAC Kit,

Use conditions :

1. The primary disease is stable and the vital signs are stable

2. The boundary of local necrosis on the wound surface is clear and the depth is relatively clear. There is no danger of major blood vessels, deep important tissues and organs, leading to massive hemorrhage or other life-threatening possibilities

3. The wound infection was basically controlled and showed a trend of gradual reduction

4. Wound debridement and dressing change, no anesthesia, etc., medical operation causes patient pain, which is within the patient's tolerance range;

Advantages :

1. NPWT machine is not required

2. It is convenient to change dressing. Patients can change dressing at home or in the clinic,

5. Wound can be cured by dressing change without skin grafting, flap transfer and other surgical treatment (or re-hospital surgery)

6. Conservative treatment of wounds can be used to supplement the situation when npwt cannot be used.

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